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Spirit of AMW: Our values

We believe that our approach is systemic and that everything is connected: AMW Health Investment is a French group that embodies multidisciplinarity, convinced that everything is possible, to make the world a better place.

Innovation: We are committed to bring innovative solutions to the health industry, for professionals and for patients. We look for transformation, we help healthcare actors make better decisions, go further and integrate the notion of sustainability, whether in medical equipment or in their project management.

Environment: Ecology is the responsibility of all of us, and that is why we are developing alternatives to limit our carbon footprint. Our environmentally conscious team fights with integrity to enable a more sustainable economy, in particular through recycling and refurbishing equipment that otherwise would have been discarded.

Respect: We respect our commitments to our employees, customers and partners. People are at the heart of what we do, and we share a common vision based on trust and transparency.

Excellence: Each member of our team is constantly challenged to improve our operational excellence and thus create more value for our customers and employees. Our CSR approach then becomes part of a stimulating ecosystem for sustainable development, because we consider that excellence is a state of mind.

Customer orientation: Client satisfaction is the reason why we work. We are committed to understand their expectations and needs and to satisfy them. We are convinced that success, for both customers and us, comes thanks to transparency and an honest exchange.


At AMW Health Investment, we are connected to our changing world. We act with agility in each decision we make.  We have a vision explore and to create new alternatives for tomorrow’s world.

"Let's build value together through a holistic approach to move forward, towards a common goal."