Supplier specialized in the sale of endoscopy and ultrasound equipment

About Vet Trade

Vet Trade is a company whose main activity is the sale of top-quality refurbished flexible endoscopy equipment. The company also offers refurbished ultrasound equipment.

Today, the company is recognized for its diversity and wide choice of endoscopes and ultrasound devices from the most well-known brands. Vet Trade ships worldwide to more than 40 countries including Eastern Europe, Asia, North Africa and South America. All products are guaranteed and conform to manufacturers’ standards. 

As a leader on the European market, the company benefits from several references with his customers by offering products of excellent quality and a pragmatic support in the choice of product.

In addition, Vet Trade supply accessories and spare parts and currently counts with more than 2000 products in stock. It is a company focused on customer satisfaction and an attractive pricing policy in the medical device market.

The company is in a constant CSR approach: this is why their objective is to give new life to the used endoscopy equipment, playing a conscious role with the environment and society. 

Our advantages

High Quality Equipment

We select for you the best devices available on the market.

Reliability of the products

We thoroughly control the reliability of products as they are going to be reintroduced in health institutions.  Our experts accompany you in the choice of products by ensuring their quality.

Wide variety of equipment

We offer all types of products from major brands such as Olympus, Pentax, FujiFilm, GE, Toshiba, Siemens and Philips.

Competitive offer

A great reactivity, a quality service and competitive prices make the company a partner of choice!

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