AMW is a global investment holding which regroups different companies in the medical devices industry.
 The main activities of the subsidiaries are purchases, sales, repairs and bacteriological tests for endoscopy and ultrasound equipment.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality service and support to doctors, clinics, hospitals and health care companies so they can give their best to their patients too.

Our strength as a group is to master together all the steps in the supply chain (purchase, repair, sales, bacteriological tests, shipping, after-sales).

Offering our expertise to you is our biggest achievement. 


AMW Health Investment group was created by young French entrepreneur Amaury Masbernat.

Thanks to his experience in the industry as a founder and CEO of an endoscopy trading company, he could vision an environmentally-responsible corporation able to provide endoscopy and ultrasound support from A to Z. 

And one day in 2016, he decided to make it true!

The power of a team

 The objective of the holding is to give support and sustain the members so they can work in synergy to achieve the overall mission.

Acquiring new companies, each of them specialized in a step of the chain, makes the idea of providing full service possible! The cooperation also allows them to provide the best quality and service standards required by the healthcare environment. 

AMW is currently formed by three medical-equipment-specialised subsidiaries:

Vet Trade, the first member of the group offers solutions for the purchase and sale of quality refurbished endoscopy equipment worldwide. The circular economy is at the heart of their strategy.

Endobiolab, the second member of the group, is the specialist in bacteriological control for endoscopes, probes and the environment. Disinfection of equipment sold and repaired is assured!

And more recently, the last one to join the team was Europe Endoscope, the specialist in the repair of endoscopy equipment, which provides a complete maintenance service under warranty with high quality solutions.

“Allow yourself the freedom to honour who you are and make no apologies for being true to yourself, even in the face of adversity.”

Amaury Masbernat - CEO & Founder