23 April, 2020

AMW Group joins French HealthCare

AMW Health Investment is now part of the circle of French HealthCare which helps promote globally the French vision of health.  A coherent choice for AMW which aims to advance the health sector and develop its environment in which it is necessary to interact with a network of diversified actors who share common interests.

Launched by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the brand French HealthCare has an international ambition: to promote the national know-how and health technologies. The movement is addressed at companies, researchers and healthcare professionals.

The collective strength and dynamism of the association provides access to new opportunities and promotes French health expertise in international levels.

AMW Health Investment is committed to an environmentally sustainable approach and envisages its international development with the objective to improve the daily experience of doctors and patients around the world. « This new collaboration reinforce our vision because we believe in and love what we do and we are proud to join companies with the same beliefs » said Amaury Masbernat, founder and director of AMW Group. 

This commitment to join French HealthCare is a way to build collaborative export projects together, to improve access to healthcare around the globe and to fight against chronic and infectious diseases. The group is very determined to be a responsible, transparent and committed player in advancing to the future the healthcare industry.