Refurbishment and circular economy

10 June, 2020

National objective: a circular economy

At a time when environmental concerns are at the center of attention, it is more urgent than ever to build new economic models. The circular economy is a concrete response to the major challenges of our society. This model is based on a low use of natural resources and bets on the reuse and extension of the life cycle of products. Thus, repair, refurbishment, resale and purchase of second-hand products tempt to become a part of our daily lives. A trend that affects all products, including medical devices.

The law for “circular economy and the fight against waste” was definitively adopted on 21st January in the National Assembly of France and on 30th January in the Senate. This new strategy responds to a strong global ambition to transform our consumption behavior by encouraging citizens and companies to adopt eco-friendly models.

Refurbishment: A fundamental value

Acting against programmed obsolescence, the destruction of products and promoting the notion of refurbishment are major issues of the law against waste and circular economy. The objective is to move to a system in which products are repaired, reused and recycled. Reconditioning is at the heart of the circular logic and it responds to a real social challenge which is, to accelerate the transition towards a more reasonable way of producing and consuming. Beyond these important environmental benefits, refurbishment of used equipment allows the consumer to benefit from very good quality products that are up to 70% cheaper. Indeed, the very principle of refurbishing suggests that the product must be completely repaired.

In the case of medical devices, the reconditioning market is more demanding. The refurbishment operation must follow a meticulous procedure that ensures excellence, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. This includes cleaning the product, replacing all end-of-life parts, repairing, disinfecting and installing appropriate updates.

 Aware of the fundamental needs of health professionals and the requirements of this market, AMW – Health Investment group has set itself the mission of facilitating access to medical devices by offering refurbished products an essential alternative to new ones.  Great quality is also possible for refurbished devices!